Parts & Products 

For enquiries, orders, or further information about our product parts, please contact us. Trust BMI Engineering Ltd for all your engineering component needs, whether at home or over seas. 


Ensure secure connections and electrical safety with our range of plugs and sockets. We provide a variety of plug types and configurations to suit different applications, ensuring reliable performance and durability. 

Special Fittings 

Find the perfect fit for your specialised requirements with our extensive selection of special fittings. Our range includes bespoke solutions designed to meet unique specifications and standards, crafted with precision for optimal performance. 

Agricultural Machinery Parts 

Keep your agricultural machinery running smoothly with our comprehensive range of parts. From replacement components for tractors to maintenance parts for harvesting equipment, we supply everything you need to keep your farm operations efficient and productive. 

Railway Components 

Support safe and efficient rail transport with our range of railway components. From track fittings to signalling system parts, we provide essential components that meet industry standards and contribute to the reliability of rail infrastructure.s 

Fire Protection Product Parts 

Ensure the effectiveness of your fire protection systems with our high-quality parts. We offer a wide range of components such as nozzles, valves, and detectors, designed to maintain the integrity of fire suppression and prevention systems. 

Heating & Ventilation Component 

Maintain optimal indoor comfort with our selection of heating and ventilation component parts. From fan blades to duct connectors, we supply reliable parts to keep HVAC systems operating efficiently and effectively. 

Castor Parts 

Keep your equipment mobile with our range of castor parts. Whether you need replacement wheels or bearings, we provide durable components to ensure smooth and effortless movement for your industrial or commercial applications. 

Pipe Fittings 

Achieve leak-free connections and efficient fluid flow with our comprehensive range of pipe fittings. From couplings to elbows, we offer a variety of fittings in different materials and sizes to meet your piping system requirements. 

International Distribution 

BMI Engineering Ltd is your trusted partner for sourcing product parts not only in the UK but also internationally. With our extensive network of distributors and partners, we ensure timely delivery and exceptional service wherever your project may be located. 

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